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Parent Testimonial from 2009


Child student enrolls herself in Adventist School - A Parent's Journey Story

Sheree Bryce-Groves was attending public school while her single parent mom worked to provide for both of them. One year during the summer, when Sheree was 12 years old, Sheree’s Mom sent her to stay with her aunt in the Southeast region of America (Atlanta, Ga), while her mother attended a prominent Adventist University in the Mid-West to further her education during the summer semester. One day Sheree accompanied her cousin to the local Seventh-day Adventist academy and watched as they went through the process of touring the facility and registering for the upcoming school year. Sheree was so impressed by the students love for their school and the staff, the spiritual bond, and the overall excitement the children had to be coming back for a new school year amongst other things. Because of that, she got an enrollment packet, completed the forms and called her Mom to let her know that she was not going back to public school, she was staying with her aunt because she had signed up to attend the Adventist school so she could receive an Adventist Education.

This was quite an undertaking for a single parent of less than modest means and no plans of moving to the southeast. However, with prayer,  Sheree’s Mom was so impressed by her daughter’s adamancy and determination to have an Adventist Education she decided to step out on faith. She moved and took on two jobs in order to take care of the tuition. Sheree never looked back and she went on to also receive her undergrad degree at a SDA university and credits her Christian journey to the strong Adventist foundation that she received in academy. Now Sheree has her own child enrolled in the local Seventh-day academy - Sawgrass Adventist School.

Parent: Sheree Bryce-Groves


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